Working with Orbis Clinical:

The Consultant Experience

At Orbis Clinical, our first job as biotech and pharmaceutical recruiters is to listen to candidates and to establish a relationship built on trust and knowledge of your unique situation and career aspirations. Our expert industry knowledge, coupled with our strong client partnerships, allow us to take the time to understand what’s important to you and make a match from there.

We provide solutions in several types of employment relationships:

Long-term & Short-term Projects

Short-term Projects

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We want to know what “checks off your boxes”. For some consultants it may be money, working on a cutting edge project, more time to spend with family in a less demanding role, or simply the flexibility that consulting provides.  We use this information to be a true resource in finding a job/project that fulfills your quality of life and your passion to make a difference.

We don’t send candidates jobs to consider because it’s a “hot job”, but only present roles that match your level of experience and areas of passion. These things aren’t always found on a resume, so our recruiters take the time to peel back the layers, listen and find out what is truly important to you in a new position/project.

Benefits of Working with Orbis Clinical Include:

Individual Dedicated Recruiter

Not only does your Orbis recruiter work with you through the job search process, but they are your resource and point of contact while you are on assignment, ensuring everything goes smoothly, and stepping in to be your advocate if it doesn’t. In addition, once your project is completed, they will work to identify another match/project for you.

Access to benefits, including health vision & 401k

You’ll have access to great benefits, with options that cover you and your family. We have your future in mind, which is why we offer an employer-sponsored 401(k) program to make your investments go further.

Weekly Pay

Enough said!

Knowledgeable Recruiter and Account Manager

Our recruiters and account managers have been in the life sciences staffing business for a long time, and have a depth of knowledge that allows them to help navigate your job search - our questions focus on you, not the specifics of the job title.

Deep Networks

Finding a job with Orbis Clinical is anything but finding a needle in a haystack - we are partnered with some of the best biotech/pharmaceuticals, medical device companies, CROs, hospitals and other institutions. We don’t just help you find a match: we help put you in the position of having options.

Referral Program

We want to meet the high quality workers in your field who may also benefit from a partnership with us, so we offer a $1,000 referral bonus when a consultant you refer is placed on assignment, plus $500 donated to the charity of your choice.

orbis clinical google review
orbis clinical google review
My recruiter was great at finding me placements and guiding me through my career at Orbis.
Former Contractor
A very professional company. Every employee here has been very responsive and are eager to help advance your career. Me and my peers who worked with Orbis have very high regards for their professionalism and responsiveness. Overall a highly reputable firm to help you excel in your Pharmaceutical career. They have extensive experience in helping Big Pharma and CRO's find excellent talent. Working with them has been a very rewarding and memorable experience. Highly recommended.
Uday K.
I have absolutely not enough good words to say about Orbis Clinical. Working with them and taking the chance with them has truly been life changing. I was approached by one of their recruiters and he has been one of the most dedicated, hard working and pleasant person to work with. I’ve worked with other recruiting companies and was hesitant when Orbis reached out to me, but I am very glad that I took a chance. The team's professionalism, dedication, transparency, communication and amazing connections is what sets them apart from other recruiting companies. The whole process was a breeze from beginning to end and I have recommended them to many of my colleagues. Thank you Orbis Clinical for going above and beyond for those seeking a new life opportunity!
Liliya K.

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